White Wine Ca’ Lojera Lugana 2021. Drink it now. Located near Lake Garda, the Ca ‘Lojera estate extends over a total of 20 hectares: here the land is flat and characterized by the richness of clay, a fundamental component for the cultivation of Trebbiano di Lugana, the main vine of this area. The dialectal name, literally House of the Wolves”, refers to the legend according to which the black merchants of the north used the houses on the lakeside as a hiding place for smuggled goods, defended by packs of wolves. Ca ‘Lojera produces about 160,000 bottles a year, of which Lugana is their flagship wine. Vinified only in steel, this wine is characterized by the unmistakable flavor that is the trademark of Ca ‘Lojera and which makes it the perfect choice for both an aperitif and the entire meal. Lugana has a bright straw yellow color with green-gold streaks. The nose has a fruity opening of cedar peel, white melon and grapefruit, then sage, wisteria and lavender, with marine and brackish hints. It is agile and snappy in the mouth. It pierces the palate with freshness and flavor without lacking a pleasant structure. The finish is slightly salty with good persistence. It is perfect as an aperitif with cold seafood appetizers or vegetable-based first courses, but it is an absolute must with gratin sardines.

White Wine Ca' Lojera Lugana 2021


White Wine Ca’ Lojera Lugana 2021

White Wine Ca dei Frati Frati Lugana 2021. The history of Ca dei Frati dates back at least as far as 1782 with the modern day winery established here in 1939 by Felice Dal Cero on the southerly shores of Lake Garda. The same family still runs the winery today and in recent years they have focused on revitalising and expanding the property. The size of the property has grown from 12 hectares of vineyards back in 1987 to over 160 hectares today. Quality has also increased significantly, and Ca dei Frati is now considered Lugana’s finest producer. This characterful white wine is made from the local Turbiana grape which is virtually unknown outside of its Lake Garda homeland. It is reputed to be related to the famous Verdicchio variety and tends to produce attractive white wines with hints of tropical fruit and floral notes. In the winery the must is fermented in stainless steel tanks to preserve freshness and aromatics. The young wine is then aged on the lees for six months to add extra complexity and texture. The result is a vibrant, lively wine with enticing honeysuckle, pineapple and citrus notes and a very clean and pure finish. A great wine to serve as an aperitif or an accompaniment to fish, seafood or summer salads.

White Wine Ca dei Frati Frati Lugana 2021


White Wine Can Axartell Blanco 2021. No need to decant before drinking. Founded almost 800 years ago on the northeast corner of Mallorca, near the port city of Pollença, is the progessive winemaking and olive oil estate of Can Axartell. Initially occupied by Moorish Muslims, the island was recaptured in 1229 by Christian conquerors who most likely discovered the vineyards of Can Axartell and used them for winemaking for the first time. Later discovered by Hamburg-native Hans-Peter Schwarzkopf, he and his family took over and got to work revitalizing the estate, both in building reconstruction and land management. Today, 34 hectares of vines have been planted on the estate itself, with an additional 24 hectares planted inland, near the city of Villafranca de Bonany. The vineyards are certified organic and the soils have never been harmed by harsh chemicals. The Can Axartell Blanco is made from a wide blend of grapes, many of which are from the Mediterranean, including Premsal Blanc, Moscatell, Giró Ros, Malvasía, Viognier. Fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks to capture crisp, fresh fruit with short aging in barrels on lees to add creaminess and depth. Overall this wine is ideal for summer afternoons or as an easy, everyday wine. The nose is greeted with an earthy freshness of grass, jasmine and slatey minerals accented by honeysuckle, tropical fruits and citrus. The palate features great depth of flavor complete with lemon, lime, ripe apple with balanced acidity and a touch of vanilla. This wine is great paired with seafood dishes, poultry, cold pastas and appetizers.

White Wine Can Axartell Blanco 2021