White Wine Baia’s Wine Tsitska – Tsolikouri – Krakhuna 2021. Serve it at 10-12°C. No need to decant. Baia Abuladze is a very young Georgian woman who, a few years ago, decided to take over the vineyards owned by her family which, for two generations, had produced grapes only for sale. Together with her sister and brother, Baia has been focusing on quality production, starting from the use of lunar calendars, viticulture with minimal effort, and traditional vinification in Qvevri, which here, in Imereti, are called Tchuri. This classic dry amber wine from the Imereti wine region is produced from a blend of 20% of Tsitska, 60% of Tsolikouri, and 20% of Krakhuna. These three native grapes undergo one month of maceration on the skins before spontaneously fermenting in traditional Qvevri amphorae. The wine has an intense and particular aromatic profile with delicious notes of persimmon, apricot, and citrus. On the palate, it reveals the perfect harmony between these local grape varieties: the elegant and velvety taste of Krakhuna, the freshness of the Tsitska, and the balanced finish of the Tsolikouri. It is a rich and full-bodied wine with a good finish. It goes well with poultry and not too fatty fish. Try it also with vegetarian Greek cuisine and fresh cheeses.

White Wine Baia's Wine Tsitska - Tsolikouri - Krakhuna 2021


White Wine Baia’s Wine Tsitska – Tsolikouri – Krakhuna 2021

White Wine Baia’s Wine Tsitska – Tsolikouri 2021. Drink it now. No need to decant. Located in the village of Obcha, in the Imereti, on the hills south of Kutaisi, the Baia’s Wine farm and agritourism are managed by young Baia Abuladze together with her family. Using minimal intervention in the vineyards and traditional Georgian winemaking methods in the cellar, the winery produces approximately 4,000 bottles a year. This wine is a blend of two native Imeretian varieties, Tsitska (30%) and Tsolikouri (70%). The grapes are grown, selected, and harvested by hand in the village of Obcha. Spontaneous fermentation is preceded by a period of partial maceration on the skins (30%) in traditional Qvevri. Three months after the end of fermentation, the wine is racked into stainless steel for aging. The resulting wine is a light and fragrant white with fresh aromas of pear and apple, slightly sweet notes of apricot, and some hints of hazelnut. The grapes of this blend are both characterized by a high degree of acidity and a low degree of sugar; the wine is therefore very fresh, dry, and thirst-quenching with a delicate honey finish. Enjoy it well chilled as an aperitif, or try it with grilled chicken, pork tenderloin served with an apple sauce, or trout.

White Wine Baia's Wine Tsitska - Tsolikouri 2021


White Wine Baia’s Wine Tsolikouri 2021. Drink it now. No need to decant. Baia Abuladze is a young Georgian winemaker who, together with her sister Gvanca Abuladze and the rest of her family, produces natural wines in Obcha, in the Imereti wine region, an area of western Georgia characterized by an ancient wine tradition. The winery focuses on the production of wines from indigenous vines using the traditional method of Qvevri, large earthenware jars buried underground. Baia’s Wine Tsolikouri wine is an Orange wine, produced with the autochthonous vine of the same name. The grapes sourced from the Imereti wine region are left to macerate, according to the traditional Georgian technique, in terracotta amphorae called Qvevri for 1 month with 30% of their skins. The resulting wine shows a beautiful amber color with splendid golden reflections. Its aromatic profile is fresh and intense with notes of green apple, yellow pear, plum, and citrus fruits followed by floral and hazelnut aromas and hints of honey. On the palate, there is a marked acidity and a remarkable citrus freshness with crispy notes of green apple that come back brightly. The wine is light and very drinkable with a pleasant fruity finish. It is excellent with white fish, fresh cheeses, or with Middle Eastern vegetarian recipes.

White Wine Baia's Wine Tsolikouri 2021